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    This series transcends conventional machine standards, enabling effortless integration of automation and intellectualization, while boosting quality consistency and efficiency. Designed to exceed in areas like thickness, precision, and complexity, it stands superior to traditional models, catering to the most demanding core product requirements. Available with clamping forces from 100 to 1,510 US tons.
    Stability and Precision

    Automation and Intellectualization

    Efficiency and Flexibility

    Machine Introduction Video

    Machine Introduction Video
    Clamping Unit
    Dual-cylinder parallel ejection design
    - Uniform force application for mold release
    - Servo motor driven ejection is optional
    - Accuracy of ejection position up to 0.2mm, conducive to product accuracy and repeatability.
    - Can achieve functions such as various modes of synchronized ejection and ejector retraction, gate cutting inside the mold, etc.
    High stability of the TBF technology
    - The clamping unit adopts the TBF (Tie Bar Free) technology for easy operation and maintenance.
    - Keep the mold area clean to prevent product contamination.
    Unique “SMART” mold protection feature
    - Can detect very small obstacles and resistance.
    - Reduce the extent of mold damage when there are foreign objects in the mold cavity or faulty operation occurs.
    Injection Unit
    The use of advanced LGS(Linear Guide Support) technology
    Integrated design enhances the overall rigidity of the injection unit. No unnecessary friction. Fast forward and backward.
    Built-in hydraulic pump station
    Support a variety of molding process with great flexibility and efficiency. For ejector, nozzle contact force & core pull.
    Closed loop injection pressure control technology
    Provide more accurate control for more stable, reliable and precise molding.
    The stability precision of injection pressure and holding pressure is at ±0.1Mpa.
    Unique servo direct control (SDC) technology
    - Four servo motors control injection, plasticizing, clamping, and ejection independently, allowing faster feedback, more responsive control, and improved control accuracy.
    - More precise control of speed, position and pressure to meet the requirements of precision equipment.
    European KEBA2000 Controller
    - Standard Process quality control (PDP), and Statistical process control (SPC) features
    - Centralized (networked) real-time remote operation and control
    The flexible I/O expansion modules allow integration of more features as needed and are programmable
    Relevant Recommendation
    Relevant Products
    Relevant Technologies
    Relevant Automation

    D1 Series Two-platen Injection Molding Machine

    Incorporating cutting-edge German technology and built on years of hands-on application expertise, the YIZUMI Advanced Series embarks on a groundbreaking journey in the realm of large-tonnage two-platen injection molding machines. Driven by innovation and a pioneering spirit, we seek to set a benchmark in this transformative endeavor. Available with clamping forces from 5,500 to 40,000 kN.

    Two-platen Multi-component Injection Molding Machine

    Innovative Manufacturer of high-end multi-component injection molding

    PAC-K3 Series High-speed Injection Molding Machine

    To upgrade equipment power, injection rate, precision and energy consumption to further improve injection stability.

    ICM Low Pressure Injection Molding Technology

    With response precision of ±0.015mm/2ms and automatic template parallelism correction control, SmartClamp, an intelligent clamping technology, is ideal for vehicle interior parts production like the sunroof and woven fabric in molds.

    Stack Mold Technology

    1. Improved efficiency of 30-80%, estimated according to different production processes. 2. Less demand on equipment and operators, space saving. 3. Effective control of color differences caused by the same injection molding machine. 4. Simultaneous production of different shapes of parts. 5. Automated assembly is easier through uniform shrinkage and deformation after a set of workpieces are produced simultaneously.

    Flap Folding And Protective Film Application

    The flap folding and protective film application system integrates the flap folding and film application of food packaging processes. It has achieved linked operation with the injection molding machine, effectively reducing the manual operation time and providing customers with a better and more convenient product experience.

    Wheel Eyebrow Strip

    YIZUMI's wheel eyebrow strip installer is a the special equipment for affixing the left and right automotive wheel eyebrow adhesive strips. The main unit of the system adopts a dual-station turntable. Materials are placed onto the equipment fixture manually. Using two-hand start, the 6-axis robot palm is equipped with automatic adhesive application, drying, and automatic sticker affixing modules to achieve a fully automatic operation. It significantly improves production efficiency while reducing the workload of operators and operating costs.

    Surface Planeness Testing

    Rapid response Accurate detection.

    Service Process

    Process/Mold Analyse and Design
    • Raw materials selection
    • Product design
    • Mold flow analysis
    • Mold design suggestion
    Equipment Selection Suggestions
    • Product performance
    • Product quality
    • Ease of use
    • Safety requirements
    Whole Plant Planning Advice
    • Planning of production line
    • Arrangements for people, machines, and materials according to process flow
    • Peripheral automation
    • Smart connection
    Delivery Solutions
    • Professional installation and debugging
    • On-site operation training
    • Molding process training
    After Sales Solutions
    • YFO services
    • Preventive maintenance
    • Device upgrade
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